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Build smart and sustainable governance ensuring human development, mature civil service with optimal administrative and organizational structure, fully functional and people-centered state e-services, enhance cooperation between state, private sector and civil society in all areas, ensure full respect for human rights, fair justice and corruption-free country.



  • Smart governance

    Optimize the distribution, control and balance of power and foster the stable governance.

  • Smart structure

    Optimize the functions and power distribution of state administration by clearly defining its structure and organization.

  • E-Mongolia (integrated system of citizens, public and private sectors)

    Develop an effective and efficient e-governance to promote human development.

  • Competent and ethical civil service

    Enhance specialized, competent, transparent, effective and smart civil service that serves citizens.

  • Society that upholds human rights

    Establish an appropriate system for ensuring the participation of all relevant stakeholders in national policy development, its planning and implementation by strengthening civil society-private sector-state partnership.

  • Corruption-free governance

    Reduce corruption and malfeasance crimes by strengthening the national justice system.

Key Indicators

Indicators Measuring unit Base level Target level
2025 2030 2050
1 World Bank governance indicators: Government effectiveness percent 45.7 54.3 71.9 92.5
2 World Bank governance indicators: Regulatory quality percent 54.8 64.9 72.2 90.6
3 World Bank governance indicators: Rule of Law percent 44.7 51.2 60.7 90.8
4 World Bank governance indicators: Citizens’voice and accountability percent 57.1 67.6 70.2 85.8
5 E-government development indicators percent 0.5824 0.6358 0.8 0.9
6 World Bank governance indicators: Control of corruption percent 39.9 47.2 58.3 96.5


State House, Sukhbaatar square-1, Sukhbaatar district 6th khoroo 14201, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia


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