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Educate the entire population with “the mother tongue, the history and the heritage” based on solid facts and thoroughly studied through modern scientific methodology, and develop shared values that will be the pillar to build a nation-state with a deep sense of national similarities/differences and resilience.



  • National pride and unity

    Foster and strengthen national pride, patriotism, and unity through the traditions of statehood, history, cultural monuments, literature and works of art.

  • Mongolia as a nomadic civilization

    Become a leading country with preserved nomadic civilization, based on the national mentality, heritage, culture and mindset, and centered on the creative Mongolian citizen.

  • Mongolian language and script

    Incorporate the Mongolian language and script into national values and foster its proficiency and use by every citizen.

  • Academic Research and Enlightenment of the Society

    Bring to a high level social enlightenment by conducting research on values, priority areas of international Mongolian Studies like nomadic culture and civilization, Mongolian history, language, culture, traditions, religion and philosophy, and make them available to the public.

  • World Mongolians

    Strengthen the resilience of the Mongolian national values, disseminate the Mongolian culture, raise Mongolia's prestige and standing in the world, foster cooperation with Mongolian nationals living abroad and with the people of Mongolian origin.

Key Indicators

Indicators Measuring unit Base level Target level
2025 2030 2050
1 New invention, patent application and domestic application number 82 150+ 200+ 600+
2 Percentage of electronic data in total library resources percent 0.3 5 7 15
3 Number of seats in arts and cultural institutions per 1000 persons number 31.7 35 37 45


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